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About Gizmos Pickled Plus:

Gizmo Our Pickle and Jam CEO
Taste and Buy Pickles and Jam at Central Vermont Farmers Markets

Gizmo is our Quaker Parrot. He supervises all production of our jams and pickles.


Though he enjoys all of our products, his favorite is our "Beer-Drinking-Pickle - The Sour Salty Dog!"

Kara selling our pickles and jams at Capital City Farmers Market in Montpelier, Vermont.

When you attend a farmers market you will be invited to sample over 44 different kinds of jams, jellies, pickles and relishes.

Buy Pies and Quiches at Farmers Markets in Central Vermont
Evelyn baking Pies for Farmers Markets

Verne and Evelyn selling at the Stowe Farmers Market. 

Besides jams and pickles we also sell pies and quiches with either gluten-free or traditional crusts.

Evelyn making pies for the market at Royalton Bed & Breakfast.


We sell pies and quiches, including gluten-free versions, at many of our markets. We also do special orders.

Verme selling Pickles and Jams at Waitsfield Farmers Market

Verne selling at Waitsfield Farmers Market.

We are a cottage based industry.We grow and preserve the finest of all natural and organic produce.


We sell at farmers markets and out of our home.


We ship year round!

Brianna and Judy at Norwich Farmers Market.

When not at markets you will find Brianna making jams and packing pickles.

Judy knew exactly when to plant the tomatoes, where to find the best fiddlehead patches, and which neighbors welcome us to pick their wild berries. She is sorely missed.

Brianna and Judy selling Pickles and Jams at Norwich Farmers Markets
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